Simple infinite platformer built for Wowie Jam 2.0!
The topic is "intentional bugs" so there are a lot of bugs in the game 🙃

Collision with the object (platfor, enemy, ...) will raise a bug with the specific probability.

72 hours to build a game is really a challenge.
And believe me, with 2 weeks old kid you don't have that time at all...
Maybe only 7.2 hours 👶
There should be specific category "happy dad" 😀

How to play:
LEFT & RIGHT key: move
UP: jump & double jump (longer press higher jump).
SPACE: fire


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Will you continue at developing it ? :)

Well, I have some ideas...
Will you play it? :D

I kind a like idea of random stuff in this genre, so if you make level more wide (to open more ways) and add other types of platform, it could be enjoyale, especialy if you port it to mobile :)